Favorite Stereo Width Plugin?


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I use Stereo Width via Neutron but I am seeking a plugin that is just dedicated to this function so I do not have to use the complete Neutron. Any recommendations?


I used to use StereoSavage.

These days, I'm using FabFilter Pro-Q3 in MS mode. It's not a one-knob plugin like many stereo width plugins, but it really gets me thinking about what I'm trying to do and why. And it sounds great.

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You can download Ozone Imager for free - it's the stereo module from Ozone but in a separate plugin.

Actually, Ozone's imager is multiband, in contrast to the free one.
(which in fact is quite relevant if you need to mono-ize the bass region).

Besides, still one of my most used plug ins is the [over 20 years old] S1 from Waves.
It gives a bit more options than the free A1StereoControl, and it's perfectly smooth when automated.
However, it's strength is completely different to the imager module of Ozone

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This answer may seem a bit strange at first: For example Fabfilter's EQ "ProQ 3". Choose a filter point and set it to "S". + dBs result in more stereo width / - dBs make the signal more mono.
This allows you to select specific frequencies for stereo width. If you do that generally over the whole frequency range, quickly a few areas have a negative correlation. If everything is OK in terms of correlation can be measured with Voxengo's Correlometer (Freeware).

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In addition to all the above I would say for stereo sources my goto is still A1 Stereo Control, which is a free plugin and BX Stereomaker to turn Mono into stereo tracks. I guess those are my favorites since I tend to use them the most, however, I don't really have a favorite. I like and use all the ones mentioned with exception of a few suggestions that I don't own.


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BX Digital v3 you can use the one knob solution, or incorporate the mid/side approaches using as few or many bands of eq as you like. The narrower the bandwidth stretched out, the less phase issues in general. Love the Waves Abbey Rd. Mastering Chain widener too. Have uses Ozone's tools as well.