Favorite metal recommendations - Metalbros unite!!!


Vincit qui se vincit.
Metal fans, like many other music genres fans, have a tendency to become very conservative and narrow the possibilities of artists and start saying this or that band is not true metal.
That's the culprit. A person who is truly into music doesn't care if it's classical, rock, pop, metal, etc. as long as it has a certain value. Melodical, harmonical, tonewise instrumental/vocal, rythm, etc. Nowadays Metal just needs to be gritty and sometimes technically hard to master. Pheriphery for example are incredible when it comes to technicality, but they are not bringing anything that grabs my ears attention.

That said I was never a fan of modern metal, even of the Nu Metal Movement years ago. Maybe I am a conservative in this regard too, who knows, but there're still great bands around like Evergrey who are delivering original but great music.

Maybe we are just spoiled by the great songwriting and talent from all the old groups that somehow can't be recreated nowadays.


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-)Death metal

Be'lakor (australian melodeath, listen to countless skies -the song- this is what melodeath should sound like)
Amon amarth (duh)
Swallow the sun (all the Horrors plus New moon)
Dark lunacy (italians, serenity & dolls are good)
In mourning (the art of a mourning kind)
Novembers doom (first albums are doom, later death, Paul has the clearest growl in the world, The dead leaf echo is great, so are Leaving this & Buried)

-)Black metal (Not really a fan but there's 4 bands of 4 different sub genres I like)
Carach angren - symphonic black from the netherlands, gorgeous riffs vocals n lyrical stories, saw them live too)
The summoning - folk black
Antropophobia - one man band instrumental atmospheric black
Caladan brood - epic black

-) Doom metal
My dying bride (pretty famous, santuario di sangue is beautiful)
The foreshadowing (italians, amazing doom)

-) Post metal
Rosetta (best)
Cult of luna (production quality is a little rotten but nice grooves)

I also love more mainstream stuff like apocalyptica, rammstein & slipknot & maybe opeth & cradle of filth but anyway

I'll also pull a shameless plug for a friend (if you're into djent, I'm not but their sound is solid tho slightly overprocessed) Mask of Prospero

I'd love to hear your input/recommendations
That's a pretty solid list!
From what you mentioned, this could be one for you: