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Favorite 'interesting' or inspiring articulation-containing libraries?


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I use a lot of this kinda stuff - commercial libs listed below

I also make my own libs exploring unusual stuff on violin, viola, guitar and other things
I might try to make them available at some point. I'll list them here, if anyone is interested maybe let me know as it might push me to prioritise them more and get my ass into gear..

rothos :
solo violin erratic sul pont ricochets
solo violin rising harmonic slides
solo violin flangertones
solo violin spikey col legno tratto
solo viola erratic sul pont ricochets
solo viola rising harmonic slides
solo viola flangertones
solo viola spikey col legno tratto
danelectro dirty bowed
danelectro col leg tratto
fender EOB strat unstable longs
fender EOB strat shimmering longs
fender EOB strat smooth longs
fretless bass slow vib
steel string trem clusters
fender strat tremolo string scrape harmonics
ukelele plucks, trems, scrapes
alto melodica flutters

commercial libs :
both SF LCO libs
all the SF evos
SF kepler bendy stuff
some parts of SF BDT
All the SF swarms
SF Uist
OT Time Macro / Micro
SF Tundra
some bits of 8dio symphonic shadows
ARC string textures
lots of the old SF labs
Scary Pizz / Bunker Strings
Vengeful cello
Waverunner Audio Alder violin and cello
KLANG Hammered Violin with all effects off
SF altSS
sounddust cloud viola, cello, bass
Bowed Steel strings
Brute Flute
who makes a good nyckelharpa? Outside of the era stuff - drawing a blank on that one.


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No offense, but i'd probably have better results with a fiddle library than trying to trick a listener with what I heard from their demo >.>
yeh with a lot of these libraries ( and in general ) I'm not that interested in replicating instrumental performance. I think with that kind of performance we still quite a way from it, so if I really want that I try to work with players. But some of these things are useful for unusual organic sound starting points regardless


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I think the person might be calling the Novo packs "extensions". You are correct, the full Novo is bread and butter in the strings, the show is in the Engine.

The Novo packs have unusual things like bows dropping on the strings, rhythmic colegno etc.
Yes, you’re exactly right. I didn’t have them in front of me, but I meant the first two extensions. NOVO proper is fantastic primarily for all of its creative designer patches, but the articulations are normal fare. I don’t really think of it as an ordinary string library, although it’s alright for that, hence my crossed wires. Thanks.
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