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Favorite CPU-light VST3 Reverbs

Jeremy Gillam

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Curious to hear what your favorite CPU-light VST3 reverbs might be. I'm looking for something I would be able to run lots of instances of as inserts (rather than on a send) across many tracks. Valhalla Vintage Verb served me well when in Pro Tools, but I'd like to find something of similar quality that offers VST3 as a format so it will suspend background processing when no signal is received in Cubase.

Looking forward to suggestions!

I like music

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2cAudio Breeze 2!
I can literally run hundreds of instances without my CPU even breaking a sweat, plus it sounds fantastic.
Intersting. I've heard good things about it, so I naturally assumed it must hog the CPU.

Does anyone use Reverence on Cubase? I love this Reverb, but haven't a clue how dastardly it is on the old RAM or CPU.

@Jeremy Gillam - have you tried Reverence?

I like music

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I haven't tried that one really!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
I only have two reverbs (Reverberate 2, and this one) and I've found one of the presets to be excellent (Dutch Concert Hall). For a stock reverb, I think it is pretty good.

Though on Steinberg's site it does say RAM usage could be high, as it is a convolution reverb. That said, performance-wise I don't know how to measure it accurately. Might be worth trying! You only get it with Pro, not Artist or Elements.
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