Fantasy MMORPG Music


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Hey Guys!

Recently finished my latest short piece called Entrance of Thalabat.

Its kinda mixture with different styles. Hope u gonna like it. Comments are very welcome.

Thanks for listening! :)
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Nice. In my humble opinion the brass section at the end was "too" loud or "too" dry... i would take it a little back in the soundscape. Maybe adding an auxiliar reverb in pre-fader modus and taking the dry signal down. I like it. The quality of the mix's sound wasn't satisfactory for me, maybe the soundcloud compression or the mp3 bitrate? or maybe adding an exciter? or am i deaf and tired... ;)


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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I absolutely agree. Its too loud and dry as well ahahaa. Im gonna fix it.
I think the lower quality is because of the SC compression.

Taj Mikel

This has a great Fantasy feel. Spot on. If there was anything wonky in the mix, I'm not hearing it. Then again the link I'm listening through is YouTube. I also thought the horns at the end sat very appropriately. Thank you for sharing that was very enjoyable! :)