Falcon 2 available


Greetings to All
Wow this looks like a great update!
Kudos to UVI for this free update for current users, thanks UVI. ;)
The promotion for new users also looks well played by UVI combining the discount w/2 free expansions.IMO this looks like Falcon is going to grow it's market share exponentially.
Hopefully more developers will start working on the Falcon platform, what a pleasant surprise.


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Got the email this morning, saw the header Falcon 2 and was reaching for my wallet. Phew, and what a great update, looking forward to playing with the new Euclidean sequencers and all the other new features.


I finally nabbed a copy of Falcon over the weekend. First impressions--it's great! After a few days of getting comfortable with it, I think this is what I'll be using to build my own sample libraries now