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Falcon 2.5 is out.


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So I chose Plurality and Subculture orchestral, thanks to Abney's guide.
No time to check anything now though.

@Liquidino: yet another great song! If you don't post on Soundcloud or whatever, you should!
If you decide those were bad choices, don’t forget to come back and blame me!

I think they are two of the best amongst so many wonderful expansions, and I’m sure you’ll love them and get a lot of use from them.


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Silent Preset

I have heard back from UVI, but the good news at my end is that with a fresh update on the UVI portal, I can now play the formerly silent Many Things (from the Falcon Library, Meditative sub folder). It works again, and it is good to have it back. It sounds very nice, but I have to admit I like it most for its name!

Channel Robot's Ambicon
Since the new update today, I can now play every one of these presets with their samples. However, it doesn't happen automatically. For a number of them - including the first on the list, Abasement (which is where I would keep a boiler). I believe a number I had trouble with are now working fine, but some, like Abasement, require an extra step to load and an extra step after that to fix.

First, double click on the Part's (patche's/preset's) name as usual. Then up will pop a message saying

'Couldn't load the file 'E:/UVI .... etc.' two files in the case of Ambicon.

You are presented with two options:
'Find all missing samples' and 'Discard all errors'. That's right, you take the one on the left.

'Find all missing samples' takes you to a page where you can navigate to anywhere on any of your hard drives. But just click on Ambicon. You likely have it saved under places; otherwise navigate to it via Devices.

Double click on 'Samples'. Nothing will appear to happen.

Then click 'OK' in the bottom right. Don't click 'Close' or nothing will happen.

Hey Presto, the angry tortoise-hating-rabbit, the magic is done! You're samples are loaded and you can play and/or edit the patch.

Now, if you do nothing more, you will have the same issue every time with these presets. To fix that, you now have to 'Save Program and Samples as...' save it to the location where you already have Ambicon. And save this over the original version.

And now it's fixed.


Edit to add: this worked on Abasement, but not on WinterWhistpers. The latter is a multi, I don't know if that made a difference. You can still access it by finding the samples as described, but saving anything with the samples could be difficult.

I retract my 'Yay!' and offer a qualified 'Well, that's not so bad.' Edit to add: it looks like you can just 'Discard all errors' and proceed without problems. Plus, Ambicon gives you all of the samples in an accessible folder. So if you want to use them to create a patch, you can take them from there; or start you tweaking from one of the other patches that doesn't have a problem and import the samples you want there.

UVI's reply to my query

To their credit, they were very fast, replying the same day.

Regarding the silent preset, I was told that they are waiting for information from their team. That likely relates to the new update today.

Regarding the Channel Robot issue, they told me to refer to Channel Robot. Fair enough, up to a point; and I had already said that I would do that and that I was just providing them with information. Indeed, I was providing them with information about their update, which had created a problem for a third party expansion using their software. I'd have thought that that would be of considerable interest to the programmers and shareholders. But it was not of interest to the Support Team and I don't know if the information was passed on to those who could have benefitted from it.

The person who wrote to me was very friendly otherwise. So, overall, I say bravo UVI.
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Well, since you were so nice about my other track, here's the first one I made with Falcon. Not my usual style, but it's nice... 100% falcon. Even the voice went through falcon as a sample. Drums are from the Lo-Fi pack. All presets. Only FX outside Falcon was Schepps Omni-Channel, Nova, C4 and C1.
I shall listen and reply properly later when I either have my good speakers or headphones. I shall be needlessly, scathingly cruel, however, so I just wanted to warn you.


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And, in case anyone interested should drop by, Channel Robot's Ambicon (which does have a few circumnavigatable issues with the new, updated Falcon 2.5 but is otherwise terrific textural atmospheric stuff) is currently available for just £3 at Loot Audio.

A lot of other Channel Robot products are heavily discounted there currently; but while I have seen reductions on various of their products before, this is the first time I've see Ambicon on sale. I can't see how long the sale price will last, though.


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Well, since you were so nice about my other track, here's the first one I made with Falcon. Not my usual style, but it's nice... 100% falcon. Even the voice went through falcon as a sample. Drums are from the Lo-Fi pack. All presets. Only FX outside Falcon was Schepps Omni-Channel, Nova, C4 and C1.
I love it. I love the way the vocal sits so far back, and the sense of building activity in the arrangement, with some kind of textural sounds at the beginning. A nice trade between different instruments (brass synth lead, then electric piano, to mention just a couple). The B section to the music, a bridge really, on its first appearance, leads back to the original pattern. That works too, although something felt off about the B section - it sounded a little too effortful rather than on the edge of being out of control. Maybe too tightly sequenced, or the opposite. Having the flute and the toms going though was very nice, along with the opening hi-hat.

Despite those reservations, the next time the B section came around I felt much more comfortable with it. So it might be fine.

As for mixing and production, either it is the lo-fi aspect, or there is a slight lack of a professional sheen. This is sort of the electronic music equivalent of a good band recording themselves in the garage. That's sort of a lo-fi thing, of course.

I'm not sure where that comes from - I'm a learner, just trying to be constructive with my praise. A lack of glue? Maybe some subtle compression is needed in some places. I would guess that because those sounds were samples and synths that they sounded great right away. But a little more may be needed to bed them in together.

A second thought is related to filling up the frequency space. When the music swells in volume and activity, there still seems to be a lot of space up top and around the low mids to low range. So, that's another possibility to consider.

I really liked this music and I hope I can make something that has such a great groove one day. And trying to think of things that could be tinkered with for your track is going to really help me going back to some of mine. After all, it is easier to have distance when the music is someone else's and you've never heard it before!

And not unrelatedly, that lo-fi expansion sounds great. I've only listened to demos before but I thought it was good then, just not something I wanted to explore right away. And you make really great music with it.

Now for the scathingly cruel bit: it was nice.
(I'm sorry, that was really mean.)
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