I have no affiliation with this project but would recommend Caig Calilube (now called Faderlube) spray. You can usually find this at your local Guitar Center or order it online from Parts Express. Use the straw to spray into the fader mechanism and work the fader for a few days and that should loosen it up if not you will need to take the unit and faders apart and clean them more thoroughly or replace them.
Thank you for taking the time to answer! Will definitely check that out. :)


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So far have not been having any issues with the FaderCtrl-except that the MIDI CCs seem to reset itself once in a while in between projects. Not a biggie in my opinion. It's been a great addition in the studio otherwise for sure!



Not sure if this will help, but I had some random disconnects and CC resets when I first started using FaderCtrl. I had a fresh install of Windows 10 and didn't turn off all of the USB Power Management "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" options for each USB hub. Since I disabled all of those, my FaderCtrl has been rock solid.


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I'm sorry guys n gals, but why is this thread still active? I'm not being weird, but the person who started it was "advertising" what seems like a great product that a lot of people (including me) REALLY want to give him $$ for, yet he doesn't respond to requests for purchase — not here and not via private conversation.

I asked politely how to buy; I sent a polite private request for details on how to buy. I would still pay right this minute, or I would pay and wait, if that were the only option, but there is no one on the other end of the line...

I've explored so many alternatives and am unhappy with all of them so far. If the product is no longer available then why not tell us and stop dangling the carrot. If I could make my own (which I can't), then I would. If someone else here can, and wants to take up the gauntlet, I'll give THEM my money. There's ample evidence that the need exists for a super-minimalist, super-well made CC fader unit, without unnecessary junk or duplication of functionality. Just quality fader hardware in a sturdy, quiet box.

I'm fully aware that everyone's needs are different. But there are now 32 pages of thread filled with people saying "how can I buy this?".

Has anyone here found a truly viable alternative that doesn't click and chatter and get stuck and double as a coffee machine and run your DAW and flash like an air traffic control display?



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By the way, I mean no disrespect to Mr Cackland. If he's not well or something, I wish him the best. Just would like to buy what he's offering. Anyone out there got a working unit of his they'd want to sell?


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Well, I sent him money and got one a couple months ago. However, I never received any software (the simple stuff was all I wanted) and he has never responded to my queries asking for him to send it to me...

Needless to say, I could pm others who got a unit but have been preoccupied with family matters. I'm ONLY posting to say... don't hold ur breath...seems the world has pulled him in other directions or something wierd/unfortunate has happened. My queri was simple, and I already paid... so I now have a beautiful hand made controller...just what I'd always wanted...sitting on a shelf... with no software to configure it...


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So sorry to hear that. I'm sure someone here would happily forward you a copy of the software...right?... guys?
yes... an awesome human just pmed me and did so... I love this forum... been away for awhile tending to other live issues but this is why I fell in love with VIC and am honored to be part of things here...


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Now if someone would just sell me their unwanted CC unit, I’d be happy too ;)
I'll keep you in mind...don't wanna profit...but I did end up getting a fader8 presonus unit along the way....which is a huge footprint that kinda sucks

One nice thing is the fader unit is small... it really sits perfectly on a Kontrol 88... and it IS extremely nicely built... I have sooooo much going on I don't really have a huge need for it, although it's simplicity is what I absolutely loved about the idea and it's why I grabbed one...maybe one of the last few to happen.

I think all the whining about the lack of advanced software might be what drove the developer away. Personally, as I posted before... I thought the idea of more complicated software was exactly the WRONG thing to be looking for but that's just me...and this challenge might be exactly what caused the developer to withdraw...overpromising and realizing that's not what he was good at and it wasn't worth the effort, let alone responding to all the whining... I hope it's that, rather than health issues...

pm me if you want... my life is kinda full of other things at the moment so I might consider parting ways... just don't quite know yet as haven't even spent any real time in the studio as of late, give garden, family, and other issues...indeed, OTS's email about Gregg's group buy is the only thing that caused me to check in and that's what lead me here, seeing all the Alerts which had cropped up for me to explore...


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I was about to ask about a way to save various cc presets in the software (or any other way), and came upon another thread saying it's not being supported anymore? Anyone know of a way to do that?


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You could buy Translator Pro from Bome.
I bought the WiFi/USB/MIDI Bome Box with Translator Pro software.
Load up presets or even better a project.
I can take any hardware and assign multiple CC’s to it.

Create a Hammond B3 Drawbar swelling preset.
Move the 6 upper Drawbars, all with their own curves and modifiers.
Move your fader and listen.

Just use his excellent quality built Fader to control whatever your mind is capable of conjuring up.

You could also gang up as many software faders in your DAW as you’d like, each with their own custom modifiers and master a mix based on a single fader.

Brave New Worlds await those with patience and foresight...

Richard Križan

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I want to buy the 1x FADERCTRL! I wrote CACKLAND, but He did not write me how I can buy it. Does anyone sell your FADERCTRL? I am from SLOVAKIA /EU