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External G-Drive USB HDD fast enough for a Project drive?


Just bought the Akitio Thunder 3 Quad Mini 4 bay enclosure to store Samsung 860 EVO SSDs for my Samples. Now trying to decide what to use for my Project drive. Here are my options:

Option 1: Add an SSD (2TB) to the Akitio (approx max speed = 520Mb/s)
Option 2: Add a 2.5 HHD to the Akitio (approx max speed = 100Mb/s)
Option 3: Buy the G-Drive USB HDD (4TB) (approx max speed = 230Mb/s)

Would option 2 be too slow for a Project drive? What about option 3, would that still be too slow? Any advice would be appreciated.



I guess a 4th option would be to keep my Project content on the internal SSD in the iMac. Or is it better to keep it separate from the OS and Apps? The Project content would be a mixture of Midi and Audio although mostly Midi data)
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