Expressions maps in Logic, Reaper and Cubase


For Logic I made a script (the MIDI scripter functionality) that uses the Logic's Articulation ID (can be assigned per note) and converts them to whatever (keyswitches, CC's, other MIDI channels). That is kind of poor man's expression maps, but the most annoying part is that Logic does not have any visualisation over the Articulation ID's in the piano roll. I managed to hack some visuals beneath the piano roll by using automation to set the desired articulation (within the automation view) but to me that's far from ideal solution, because if you move the notes, you'd have to move the automation too.

So I'm waiting for some visualisation for the Articulation ID's from Logic's side.

I'm planning to release the script as open source. I have already released one mockup script to translate Articulation ID's the keyswitches for a specific VI, but would require some work to be more universal. And until Logic provides the visual feedback, I don't have much motivation to do my part.
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I think the visual feedback already is possible, because the maker of AG Toolkit and Peter Schwartz (the maker of SkiSwitcher and ARTz•ID) have - IIRR - implemented that in their script. I don't know what the differences are between those two scripts, though.


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Logic user here. At the moment I use just a AG toolkit channel switcher connected to a little side keyboard. It's a little environment macro that switches the input midi channel coming from my main keyboard via keyswitch of the small side keyboard. That's all.
I made a template (Spitfire strings) with single articulations using a separate midi channel each. It's easy to use (copied notes from one track to the other play the same articulation as they are controlled by their midi channel). There's no visual feedback exept the midi channel in the event list. But all of my screen sets have an open event list anyway. It's limited to 16 articulations but with single articulation Kontakt instruments I can choose whatever I want. Never deeded more than 8 articulations per track.
I tried a few (Babylon, Ski, AG) and for me it's the easiest solution. No midi scripting plugins per track and no automation needed.
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