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Experience with Amek EQ 200 Plugin

Andreas M. Wimmer

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I would like to ask, what your experience is so far with the Amek EQ 200 Plugin by Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, above all in comparison with analog equalizers.


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For what it's worth:

Usually I'm not too fond of "digital EQs that try to mimic analogue ones". I heard and used many of them, but I try to use either the analogue originals or straight digital algorithms. BUT! There have been two releases recently which really impressed me. One of them is the Amek you mentioned, which instantly reminded me of that unparalleled Massenburg-EQ magic. This is perhaps the best sounding "wannabe analogue" EQ I have heard to date.

... the second one is Vertigo's VSE-2 which serves very different tasks.
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