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**Evolution Series is looking for a Kontakt scripting wizard!**


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[Job opportunity]

Hello wonderful Kontakt scripting wizards!

Our small team at Evolution Series is looking for a talented Kontakt scripter to come on board to work with our lead scripter to help us push faster through some very exciting projects.

Just to be transparent our key scripters work commitments have changed and has less programming time available so practically we need person power to propel these creative journeys forward faster :)

If you are not familiar with us please feel free to check out our website www.evolutionseries.com.

We are very passionate about creating amazing libraries and can’t wait to bring our next incarnations to reality.

This will obviously be paid and could lead to lots of fun future work and collaborations.

The key things we are looking for:

- Skilled with Kontakt scripting

- Self motivated

- Team player and just a good all round human being :)

If you are interested please email me at:


Thanks in advance!

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