Eric Whitacre Choir


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It sounds great for a soft choir library but I just don’t see the need for it since I already have Requiem, guess I’m going with Lacrimosa then...


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I think Paul Thomson's walk-through video is excellent. The Choir really sounds beautiful with very little fiddling. Generous into price.


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It's a pity, but Spitfire seems to want to be in control of the narrative, and that's not the case here. Interestingly, Spitfire has yet to post in commercial announcements, so they are clearly "making a statement" regarding their participation. The choir sounds wonderful and worth the wait.
Christian stated in one of his videos that he feels that VI Control is a "toxic environment". I don't agree whatsoever, but...


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Sorry I dont want to disturb the party, but what exactly for should I need another Ah/Ooh/Oh/MMM choir? I haven't heard yet anthing that outstanding
My thoughts exactly... Yes there is the evo grid, but even that stuff
sounded pretty vanilla to me. Considering all of the anticipation and then reading the copy on the webpage, I was expecting to have my mind blown with something new, different and groundbreaking. Pretty underwhelming overall and quite expensive. Easy pass for me.

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Am interested to hear from the early downloaders what the RAM situation is with this. Hans Zimmer Strings was a beast of a RAM and disk hog that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use it for more than a layer tool (~500+MB for every single patch). If this one looks the same it might give me second thoughts. The HZS experience has definitely made me hesitant in this until I’ve heard some experiences.

Would be really grateful for some insights from those brave enough to dive in altready.

Still have 20gb to go, but if you look at Paul's walkthrough and I suppose the other vids you can see the Ram and CPU numbers at the upper left of the player screen. The RAM is "per instance." At least this slow download is making me read the manual.



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Probably due to the hammering Studio Strings received upon launch (?)
Interesting... and an astute observation from someone allergic to Narcissists! One of the challenges we all need to rise up to face is constructive criticism (I beg for it!) and Spitfire has ALWAYS seemed to have a VERY thin skin to anything said that appears negative. Mind you, VIC is FULL of Spitfire fans whereas the world these days is FULL of disgusting trolls, so I find this pretty ridiculous... KIM's comment is spot on...VI-C is a pretty great place as far as that goes.

I do believe you might be on to something... narcissist's do have difficulty with anyone voicing criticism or negative feedback. Not that they are (who am I to judge but it fits the definition and this has been raised a few times before) Their loss, really...but hopefully they'll reflect and realize no need to be "prissy" about feedback... we can all learn and respect the process.

The nice thing about THIS thread is I can react as I feal... and your comment rang a bit true. Might not be but...

As to criticism... looks like their new downloader is single thread and that might be screwing with all our downloads... I'm still at under 50 Mbps, have another 25GB to go and it's been over 6 hours!
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