Eric Persing

José Herring

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I want to study early '90's synthesis. I thought I'd start with Eric Persing. Does anybody remember which synths he was involved with in his early days?

I know he did some Roland stuff, but I'd like to find out specifically which ones and if he programmed any other synths. I had the JV880 and loved that to death. So much so that I'm thinking of suffering through my first subcription at Roland Cloud just to have access to those classic Roland sounds and their new rompler too. At which point I'll officially have too many soft synths.


Eric Persing sure is an all-time legend, I love his stuff. I don't know that much about specific synths, but I believe that one of the first synths he was involved with was the Roland D-50, there's a very cool youtube video where he talks about programming some of the patches.

I also have a JV880, and I just love those sounds, always so much fun to play around with, no matter how dated they may be!