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Epic Orchestra for game



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Excellent excellent work!! I noticed you responded to someone else's query as to whether this was real or samples. I'm quite gobsmacked to learn these are samples. Could you share what sample libraries you used for this piece? Thanks!!
yes, of course!
The main library used is as follows.
Wds - Spitfire WW, Berlin WW
Brs - Spitfire Symphonic Brass
Perc - Spitfire Orch Perc, HZ Perc
Str - Berlin Strings
I used the mic blending of each library actively for the texture of the instruments. I think the full mic strings of the Berlin string and Spitfire brass have a very good sound. The JXL patch included in HZ percussion was the perfect sound for Epic style. And I worked on Render it place function of Cubase to make sound tone.

If you have any more questions, please let me know. thank you!

Very nicely produced. The samples are (of course) top notch but the real work of mixing, tweaking and processing really shines through. You didn't just pop this out overnight and it shows. Congratulations.
For some songs that needed a lyrical line, it was very difficult to mix the recorded solo line with the sample library. Thank you!

I like the Elysium first piece from your OST... ... in fact after listening others, I like everything :). Good job.
Thanks! It was a song that I spent a lot of time to make a lyrical melody sound natural!

Amazing composition and production! Congratulations.
Thank you, Akarin!

Very cool themes and material. Very busy also, but man, I guess for that type of game that is very cool! I enjoyed the soundtrack. Must be a lot of work..
Yes, exactly! I think that the characteristics of the songs used in the game vary considerably depending on the style of the game. Thank you.

Thanks! :)

Dude...this is pretty damn awesome!
Thank you, MrLinssi!!

Loved it. Easily one of the best orchestral pieces for games I've heard on VI-C for quite a while. If you ever fancy doing a video walk through of it, I would love that (not that you have to or anything)! :)
There are not any video workthrough for these songs , but if you have any questions about the work process, please let me know. Thank you!

Sounds amazing. Congrats!
Thanks, GuitarG!
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