I'm using Tarilonte's forest kingdom and have no automation set on the volume control. For some reason no matter where i set the volume for this particular taiko drum patch, it returns to an almost inaudible level on playback and i can't figure out why. I don't have it routed to any mixer channels yet so there's nothing on there that's throwing it off. i'm using fl studio. any pointers?
edit: it only seems to be a problem with the percussion samples?
edit: my only way around it now is to just open a separate instance of Engine and run the Taiko samples from there.

I'm probably overlooking something really obvious
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I also have FK and have zero issues with the Taiko nor any other patches. You could also start a new project to see if there's anything in the project causing this issue. My guess is that MIDI 7 (volume) or MIDI 11 (Expression) control data is lowering the volume of the plugin. Do you have a possibility to add a midi monitor so you can really check whether CC data is send to the plugin or not. And check the MIDI region if there's MIDI control data present.

I hope you figure it out, it's a real pain when stuff like this happens. Best of luck!!!
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