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Embertone: Time to get Super-Sexy with iOS!


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That's right - Sensual Sax has been brought to the wonderful world of iOS, the first instrument (that we know of) to feature TRUE LEGATO samples and a truly desirable digital solution to sax saturation, not to mention the giant SEX knob which will basically turn any user into the Sexy Sax Man. Go ahead, light some candles, turn the lights down and prepare to get your freak on.

Sensual Sax is ready for action at the App Store for $4.99. Keep it sexy Embertoners!

Reid Rosefelt

aka Tiger the Frog
This is a big deal for iOS musicians. I hope this does very well and you bring out more instruments. I've spread the word on the Audiobus Forum and the Facebook AUv3 Discussion Group.

The only previous virtual instrument app I know of that might be considered to have true legato is FingerFiddle, because it is a modelled instrument. (It was created by Matthias Demoucron, one of the minds behind the Reaktor instrument Serenade.)

I'm not sure what you mean @wcreed51 (Unless you're joking). Sensual Sax can of course be played on a controller via MIDI, and there are numerous iOS MIDI apps, effects and DAWs, like Auria Pro and Cubasis to record it into.
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