Embertone Releases: Walker 1955 Steinway 'D'

Make sure you set Dropout Protection to minimum in Studio One, it causes more problems than it helps. And yes, sus pedal set to ECO is definitely the way to go for composing and HQ+ for mixdown.
That's interesting. I just discovered the feature in Studio One. How does it cause problems?


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Hey EgM,

I didn't do anything with the dropout protection. Just set my sample size. Thanks for the warning though.


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So here's where it's at. Qualification: this is in the standalone app.

There is a setting in instrument options called DFD (direct from disk). There is 32GB of memory available in my system. If you are memory limited, you may wish to give this a pass. I opened the instrument's options and selected DFD. The default setting resulted in about 1.6GB of memory being occupied by the library. I moved the slider all the way to the right. Once that was processed, the memory usage increased to ~ 6.6GB. Based on the excellent advice of others, the 1/2 pedalling setting was changed to ECO.

I sat on the sustain pedal and did several glissandos, up and down, with as many keys depressed as my short arms could manage. The CPU maxed out at about 20%. Setting the 1/2 pedal to HQ resulted in about 35% max and a bit of a glitch when I came off the keys/pedal.

Unlike Garritan, which allows you to allocate RAM to the instrument in the Aria player, there is no way of directly doing so in Kontakt player. That's the message you get in the player, when you hover over the memory use number. Using DFD is the workaround.

There is a setting in Global options to override the instrument's preload buffer size (DFD). I would stay away from that, as it would act on all loaded instruments, and potentially wallop the RAM.

This is it for now. I'm going to try this out in Studio One, which was the genesis (I still think it ended after Peter Gabriel left) for the issue, and Reaper as a control. I'll let you guys know how I make out .


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Ran the instrument in Studio One. With one exception, which I'll mention shortly, Walker preformed quite well, with DFD set to 240 and 1/2 pedal set to ECO. The memory usage is 6.62GB. Unless I do what I noted below, the CPU usage is moderate, at about 5 to 10%.

Exception: if I sit on the sustain pedal and input notes without releasing, the CPU usage will slowly, but inexorably, increase. What I did was probably not going to happen in normal use. However, I do believe the library has an issue releasing samples when the sustain pedal is engaged.

I am in communication with Embertone about this. They have been quite helpful so far (I looked into DFD, based on their advice) amongst other things. I am going to run the library in Reaper to see if I get the same result. I'll let you guys know what happens.

If/when I get this sorted, I will advise Embertone and this forum. You guys have been great.



Concert D supports silent key and damper resonance (depressing sustain pedal after the key is released generates sound to mimic felts that did not completely mute the string yet), but sympathetic resonance is not implemented (play a silent key, do not release it, and playing staccato afterwards causes the 'open' string to vibrate).
"Sustain-Damper Sympathetic Resonance" term is incorrect and misleading: damper resonance is different from sympathetic resonance.
Can somebody confirm this?
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