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  1. ein fisch

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    Jul 6, 2016
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    i still feel clueless when it comes to e guitars and i sadly didnt find much quick-learning ressources online for this.

    so far when i wrote pieces which include e guitar or need a bit of a "heavy" feel to it, i just used the basic powerchords (I and V) or played it in unisono. whenever i play the e-guitar like a piano (complex chords like 7th's etc) it starts sounding noisy due to the distortion on it.

    i could simply turn down the distortion but i still wonder how others make chords work - even when theres alot of distortion on it (you know, just that standard heavy e guitar sound)

    song example:

    these chords here sound way more interesting than mine ever did. is there some technique applied?
  2. Haakond

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    Aug 4, 2015
    If you want to play chords with distortion, you should spilt up the chord. Maybe play only the root and third with on guitar, and fifth and seventh with another guitar. Guitarchords with distortion works best on mid or high range, in my opinion
  3. MrLinssi

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    Oct 1, 2016
    Guitar player reporting for duty! Depends on the pickups, amp, technique...But yeah, if you want to play a really complex chord on a guitar with heavy distortion the notes lose clarity and start blending together - and not in the pleasant way. It's also worth remembering that in the mix distorted guitars take a lot of space, so they are eq:d quite heavily to fit with the rest of the instruments.
  4. ed buller

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    basically distortion messes with the Harmonics. So if you want a heavy distorted sound and complex harmony you have to do it all separately . Roots and fifths distort well. Just add the seventh's , Ninths,,etc and thirds all on separate tracks.

    For pure power just use roots and fifths:Like we did on this

    If you want more notes either track separately or have multiple voicing s.

    I often have a track of power chords ( les paul or SG with p90 ) then a cleaner sound...Tele or jag like this:

    best Ed

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