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EIS on Critically-Acclaimed Indie Rock Record

Hey guys,
Just realized this and thought I'd share. I did some string arrangements for an indie rock record that has been receiving some widespread acclaim. I just remembered that when I was writing the arrangements, I was in the middle of discovering Books I & II of EIS. I didn't get any further than those first books (I hope to get back into it). But 2 of the songs feature string intros using EIS concepts. Nothing earth-shattering here (again, I only got through Book II), it's just kind of cool that's in there. And thought I'd share.

Some of the press if you're curious: http://www.metacritic.com/music/big-inn ... te/details

Warning: the record was recorded fast and raw. Some of the tuning may offend. But it's rock n' roll.

This one is a modified EIS thing. Not strictly EIS, but influenced definitely.
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