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EIS Demo/Sketch piece, PDF score and rough mockup


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Hi, all!

So, I study with Craig, and these last 4 months, I haven't been writing actual MUSIC that much, doing instead, more of just the exercises. Craig challenged me to start writing music, like a LOT. To get out of just learning EIS through Exercises.

He's a wise man, and a good instructor! :)

Soooo, I'm writing 1-2 pieces a week, just to write. Many of them will be posted here, most in sketch/rough form, but the most imoprtant thing is, I'm writing them, and they're actual music pieces. :)

I thought you might like to check out this one. It's a piece depicting the dawn/morning breaking over a colonial town; little bit of sadness, little bit of hope.

A whole LOT of Copland and Ravel (Daphnis and Chloe). :)

It has EIS all through it, 2 and 3P H3, Harmony in 5ths, Harmony in 4ths, systems of progressions, etc.

I had a ton of fun writing it! The mix is atrocious, I just played it in and slapped a reverb tail on it. But, I really like some of the writing.

Oh, and Good Lord, the LASS Divisi strings are gorgeous! I played the divisi parts in line by line, it's awesome!

Here are links to the printed sketch score and the mockup. I'd love feedback, comments, advice! Remember, the mix is bleah! :)

Mockup: https://www.box.com/s/sg50p6nw9oj439orwacp

PDF Score: https://www.box.com/s/l9dyzffgfxyv0h1jxcq0




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Thank you, Jim and Gunther!

It's nice to use the techniques to get an emotional "character piece" out, and I'm glad you enjoyed hearing it!

I'm rebuilding my template this summer, I'll re-record this with proper mixing later this summer.

Have a great weekend!



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Hey Mike, really enjoyed this! It's satisfying and a good use of EIS. To me this is worth expanding and seeing how fare you can go with it. And you definitely have a strong musical sense that comes through in the phrasing.

More, please.

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