Eduardo Tarilonte DARK ERA


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On my system, Engine only crashes when I'm interacting with it overzealously. When I treat it gingerly, it's usually fine. Loading a project full of existing engine instances is always fine, and they playback without hassle.

It's not a problem we should be having in 2019 certainly, but I deal with it for the Era content.

I really do dislike their licensing method, but I have had amazing experiences with the best service support. Frankly, I'd be willing to keep an offline slave with just Era stuff if that's what it took.


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Engine is a pain in the ass and I really wish Tari would move off it to something like Falcon instead but I get that he can program it the way he needs in Engine. I just wish they did a massive overhaul of the whole thing. Especially that terrible terrible GUI.


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Hi guys,
First of all thank you very much for your words! :) This library is a very special one, probably my favorite so far.
I understand your complains, but Engine is a good and reliable platform so far and the good news is that a new version, completely made from scratch, is coming. We are working hard on it!
And coming back to the library, one of the best points of it, is that you can create lots of stuff just with the sounds of the library. I will post some demos as soon as possible.
Again, thanks a lot for your support. I appreciate it a lot! :)


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You won't regret buying Celtic Era, trust me... ;) Not sure if this is gonna be a day one buy for me, but throat singing means that it's going into to the shopping list!
I was going to buy Celtic Era on account of alleged 2-for-1 sales around new year's, but forgot about it :sad:

I think it'd be cool if he offered a bundle of the trio of European Eras. So like, Era II, Celtic, and this thing.


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IMO staying away from Eduardo's libs due to Engine seems like a really bizarre choice. Sure it's not that great to work with ... but I think people make it out to be much more than what it is.
Engine not great and even worse when you want to load up an instrument to find out everything is unregistered again.

It's far too cumbersome for those who don't have time to dick around with VSTs.
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Tari - is a part of a VERY small group of developers where it is the EXCEPTION to NOT buy - everything they produce. Congrats Tari on the upcoming release and thanks for producing these valuable tools.


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Not too get too OT, but if you had to pick up just 1 or 2 Tari libs, what would it be? Thinking about ERA vocal Codex and Sennevai right now...


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Does anyone know if these great Eduardo Tarilonte libraries go on sale that often at around 30% or more or is this sort of a 'grab it now cuz you'll never see another sale like this' sort of thing? Thinking maybe Black Friday or later in the year? I've been eyeballing Celtic Era and Persia but can't afford it right now after Spitfire and OT drained my wallet last year.