Eduardo Tarilonte DARK ERA


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I noticed that the included version of Engine is The version I have is I wonder what the improvements are.
From Best Service site, I wonder if the .32 is a typo? Only .24 is available on the website as well:

Engine (February 15th 2019)
- Keyboard UI performance
- Stability improved
- Alternate always follow feature
- Elastique crash fixed
- Section keyswitch bypass automatable
- Windows, midi in 64bit fix
- Midi playback fixed
- Midi zone import fix
- LUA script improvement (BPM)
- Keyboard colors improved
- Midi_key_filter crash fixed


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Für die rhythmische Untermalung wurden die Epic Loops programmiert, die aus bis zu 16 Instrumenten bestehen und bis zu 20 separat regelbare Elemente besitzen, mit denen sich die Beats flexibel arrangieren lassen. Es sind jeweils vier Varianten des Main-Loops, verschiedene Fills und Endings (Ensemble und Single Hits) und ein zum Rhythmus passend pulsierender Sound vorhanden. Die Loops passen sich intelligent an das Tempo der DAW an.

Eine Verbindung zwischen Trommeln und Solo-Instrumenten schaffen die Rhythmic Pads, die sowohl melodische, als auch rhythmische Elemente enthalten. Die einzelnen Elemente der Pads lassen sich wie bei den Soundscapes individuell mischen und im Panorama verteilen.

Eine weitere Besonderheit von Dark ERA ist die Vocal-Sektion. Von den Inuit inspirierte Vocal Rhythms lassen sich hier aus Einzeltönen zusammensetzen. Als Vorlage dienen 24 MIDI-Dateien, die die einzelnen Shouts spielen. Natürlich lassen sich die Rhythmen abändern oder gänzlich neu erstellen.
Sorry that I copied from the german site but I wonder if there are already/will be any tutorial videos especially for the loop part(s) of the library cause I never used this before (there have been "performance grooves" in forest kingdom II I think dont know if thats kind of the same and am really unsure how to use in general/integrate in workflow.


Sorry that I copied from the german site but I wonder if there are already/will be any tutorial videos especially for the loop part(s) of the library cause I never used this before (there have been "performance grooves" in forest kingdom II I think dont know if thats kind of the same and am really unsure how to use in general/integrate in workflow.
If you check Dirk Ehlert channel on YouTube he’s making a live stream using this library right now :thumbsup:


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I am totally in awe of this library. Fantastic hardly covers it. I find it fascinating that Eduardo finds all these amazing musicians to make these great libraries.

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Tried "purchasing" it just now, and was surprised to see it as "free" under the crossgrade option, but every time I try to check out, it goes instead to my previous order page, and then asks for a login yet again, which it rejects. I even reset the password, but after two logins, it rejected that one too!

Clearly, the time+space website is very messed up at the moment -- though I'll try from a different browser as often that's the issue. The crossgrade price at best Service is $199; not free. :)

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It's just as messed up on Safari as on Opera. I deleted Firefox from my Mac years ago as it was too problematic, and got so burned as an alpha tester for Chrome that I never gave it a fair shake once it went public (I had to rebuild my Mac from scratch due to how much damage the alpha code did).

I'll try again this weekend and see if they've fixed things. Though I am certain the crossgrade is not supposed to be free, there's always a chance that the price might be better on one site vs. the other, due to the vagueries of currency exchange as well as loyalty points on each site.

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Hah; you're right! And if I change it to Euros, it comes up as "NaN" (Not a Number).

I had to wait until today, payday, to pay down all my forms of credit, as I had unexpectedly high utilities bills this month, so I can't really do the purchase today anyway unless I use cash/debit, which I'd rather not do. I was mostly just trying to see what the total would be once added to the cart, so I can budget the correct amount in a few days when my payments clear. But I'm going to check daily anyway, because some payments clear faster than others. I use Tari's libraries on everything!

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It's not trivial to interpret the wording as the end date is listed right after the crossgrade offer but may refer either to both or just to the full price edition, but it looks like we have until end of March.


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I only had about 15 minutes to play around with it before heading off to work. First impressions:

(1) The percussion is much more extensive than I thought it would be. Some really nice frame drums and stuff like that, which was expected ... but what was unexpected was the large amount of more interesting and unique sounds like anvils and pans. Very cool stuff that I think will be really useful. Also I really liked the Tympanum in particular.
(2) The vocal options similarly were more extensive than expected. So much good material there that will be incredibly useful for creating that "viking" kind of atmosphere.
(3) The Crwth (spelling?) was absolutely fantastic. I instantly fell in love.

I didn't yet try out any of the winds or the soundscapes. I'll get to that later tonight when I can have a proper play-through. Will provide some updated feedback then.

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The Time+Space website is fixed now, at least for Sterling. I didn't try Euros or USD but probably should have. At the current exchange rate, the price in Sterling came out to $235, so I simply did the purchase at Best Service for $199 minus some loyalty bucks. Downloading now, during dinner.

For those who may not have noticed, Engine has been updated as well. I am just about to install the update, which is the first one since June 2018 as far as I know.

Please note also that you will need to use Keka vs. UnRar if you are on macOS vs. Windows, as UnRar does not recognize these files as archives.
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Robo Rivard

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I agree with Tim. Everything seems so much deeper than expected. I've started building a template for the library in Cubase, and the instruments have a lot of sub-folders for better expressivity. It's definitely a treasure trove of beautifuly recorded, rare instruments, and it will take time to explore it all. A real masterpiece, and an indispensable companion for any serious composer.

But the Engine GUI is beyond redemption. Make your own template or go insane.

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Installation and activation are complete. I flipped through the instrument lists very quickly, and am surprised by the breadth and depth, as well as the inclusion of many elusive instruments that I have long had to substitute with something else.

I'm about to eat, so will investigate the library in more depth later, but quickly tried some of the flutes, and am quite impressed by their recording quality and playability.