Editing cc's with multiple regions selected in piano roll in Logic Pro x


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Hi Logic gurus

Forgive me if this has been answered anytime recently, but I didn't find the answer anywhere else, including in a search here.

My problem is with editing cc data in the piano roll with multiple regions selected and displayed. It's fairly easy (although it could be easier!) to edit note and velocity data per region with multiple regions selected, but the cc data not so much. The cc data is all the same color and there is no indication which region belongs to which cc data, even when you select either notes or the cc data points themselves; IOW, you can select the cc data of individual regions, but you don't know which region's data you have selected to edit. You'd think there'd be an indication at least in the upper left/inspector, but I don't see any indication anywhere. Am I missing something?

thanks in advance.

BTW, the Apple site says that with multiple regions selected and displayed in the piano roll you can double click on a note to 'temporarily' display just that region's note and cc data, but doesn't say how to go back to the previous view. You can just close and reopen the piano roll, but that seems awkward. Why have multiple cc displayed if you can't tell one stream from another?

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Hi there,

You simply double click in the piano roll "background" (any space which is not occupied by a note) to go back to viewing all selected region data. :)