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Edit MIDI parts of Multi Instrument in Logic, how?


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I want to be able to play divisi on VSL dim 1. violins A & B, so I created a Multi Timbral Instrument with 2 parts in Logic. So the first part is routed to ch. 1 and the second to ch. 2 and the instrument to VEPro6 on a mac slave. So both tracks are playing fine, but how can I solo the B group (ch 2), without soloing group 1 on ch. 1 too?
How do you get around this problem in Logic?


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This to me was one place where Logic Pro took a step backward with LP X. You now use the power buttons to turn specific MIDI channel tracks on/off.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 6.30.29 AM.png


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Well I just give each violin group its own VEPro instance in the other end. Exciting to be back in Logic, far prettier!
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