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Easter Special: All MIR Products 38% Off!

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Okay, now you got me... I thought I will have to wait until the next academic sale since the last MIR-sale isn't that long ago.
But: Is it possible to make the "instrument pictures" which show up in MIR also available seprately? I would love to exchange the "stylized" Cubase instrument pictures in the track information to the more appealing picutres of VSL... at least for VSL-instruments.

VSL was kind enough to share the Big-Bang-Orchestra logo as a wallpaper.


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Check out this entertaining MIR Pro demonstration by Carl King:



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On the topic of vouchers, I have an extra $500 voucher for VSL products (bought through jrrshop.com) that I'm happy to offer to anyone planning to jump on this deal. Happy to accept $400 for it, PM me if interested. MIR Pro is fantastic.
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