East West Strings Gold - How to get consistent volume across patches?


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I am using Logic Pro and am trying to arrange strings with multiple patches. I have, for instance, a cello track where I have an instance of Play with various Cello patches loaded. Then in the track's list editor I select the output channel in order to switch articulations. So I might have a Long patch (folder 1), some Short and Fast patches, etc.

In reading the manual, seems different patches have different ways of controlling loudness and dynamics. I really can't figure out how to get very loud sounds from the folder 1 Log patches. If I set Expression and Volume to max, and Modulation to, say, 100, then max output of a single note is around -16 dB.

If I set Modulation to 127 max output is around -13dB. And this is with the Player output set to 6.2 (which I guess is default).

On the other hand if I play a short and fast patch, say Spic RRx9, then with high velocity values I get around -8dB max output.

So this makes it very difficult to use multiple patches in way where I can control dynamics consistently but more importantly, output when Expression and Volume are set to max seems really low in folder 1 patches.

Any tips on how to use multiple patches in a seamless way and on getting more reasonable output level on folder 1 Long patches?



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You can try changing the "volume knob" inside Play itself to balance the relative loudness-relationships between articulations, and/or with a Gain plugin on the articulation audio return channels (that is if I understand you correctly, and that each one is different).

If you want to control dynamics in a different way, either use a different patch (for example, the simpler "long" patches in HS are controlled via CC1 for dynamics) or create a custom Environment macro that can take your input CCs, however you like to use them, and output them the way HS wants to see them.


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East West samples were recorded nicely however huge design failure with the Play interface and very poor implementation of matching volume levels of articulations. Such a shame. Recording team did a pretty good job but the final production team was pretty horrible.