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East West Hollywood Brass, bigger sections for epic sound?


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No problem. Even though the Woods and the Perc are not as good as the Strings and the Brass, for 18 bucks it's a no-brainer.

I just hope you don't need to buy a new SSD because of me ;)
Bought my final m.2 last week just for BF.

Part of the plan.



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Yeah, I saw your preparation thread. There's still over two weeks to go till BF, and you have already used over 700 GB. How long will your M.2 last at this pace? :)
My diminishing ssd space is proportional to my decreasing wallet thickness.

Will probably just install Strings, Brass, and Percussion.

An Ark2, VSL SE v.3 sale and an Afflatus intro deal are on the radar.

That's about it, aside from any unforseen, crazy announcements.


Funny, i was watching an EWHP demo vid, Winds wasn't mentioned when they listed the Hollywood Orchestra family.
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just got the delivery from EW.

VERY nice packaging, nice little 7200 drive too (edit, maybe a 5400, need to check).

holy cow - this is a friggin' STEAL - just a few minutes with the Brass Diamond, fantastic!

full Diamond Orchestra for under $400 with a USB3 1tb drive to boot!

best library purchase so far!

and pfffft, i like what i've heard form the Winds.

copying to the m.2 - will be interesting to see the load time contrast.
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I knew you'd love it. The brass and strings are fanatic!
for the pennies paid, it is stunning!

great manual too.

will be fun test pairing some of my Solo Instruments as first chairs for the sections.

East West offers their Solo Instruments for considerably more ($586), which (for me) would take the excitement away from the screaming deal this is.

I have plenty already that should work fine.
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