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I have had only great experience with SUPPORT andCustomer service from SAMPLE LIBRARIES companies - kudos to SAMPLE LOGIC and EAST WEST.


I have a fairly good system, All my libraries play seamlessly and when I installed their pianos…well ALL of them are unplayable -and have many technical issues.

That happens, but when you call/email their support team- well that is when the abuse starts.
They come at you from the standpoint that their product is perfect and the user is at fault.

Their condescending responses to issues is always wrapped with arrogance and disrespect for their customers.

They lay the blame thick.

This is I thought, unbelievable, no one in their right ind would bite the hand that feeds them so vehemently!!!

There are so many GREAT products out there in the same price range - so why tale a chance on a small minded company when there are others who would just be delighted with serving us appropriately and respectfully.

In my humble opinion, DO NOT buy ANYTHING form this company.


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Never heard of them. I don't know how to help you, but reading this post it made me think of a potentially similar scenario I dealt with where everything worked out.

A few years ago I bought a brand new library called Piano in Blue by Cinesamples. It was (and still is) a great sounding library, but there were some issues where certain notes weren't useable because of issues with specific samples/recordings. I also wanted some scripting changes so it would respond more realistically. I took detailed notes and passed it on to them in the form of helpful notes for their consideration, not as a complaint. I never accused them of anything and they were actually very friendly. We exchanged a dozen or so messages about it. Each time I was cautious to inform them, not blame or accuse OR to complain. I treated them respectfully and I think both parties got something beneficial out of it. I got some notes added to their updates list and in the end they issued some new patches and samples. They eventually mentioned they had me on a list of potential beta testers. I wasn't able to keep providing regular feedback so it didn't work out, but it would have been nice. I may have been lucky with making a good first impression with their support team, but had I approached it differently it could have wound up being a very frustrating experience. Just a thought. Good luck.
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Apparently, E-Instruments is the Company that created the Session series

Session Keys, Session Horns, Session Strings


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do their pianos work outside of ableton? I always thought the 'uptown grand' sounded great but didn't want it only in Live!


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FWIW, I had a very positive experience with the folks at E-Instruments after I picked up Session Horns. So yeah, a while ago. I agree this thread belongs here until we get more information to support the OP.

And yeah, guilty pleasure, but I do check Drama Zone daily.


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I agree this thread belongs here until we get more information to support the OP.
I agree 100%.

Valiantheart, welcome to VI-Control. Please don't take it personally that people might take your post with a grain of salt, but so far we've only heard one side of the story, and it's coming from someone nobody knows yet. We don't know how skilled you are at installing and using libraries, what your system is, what version of Kontakt you're using, etc. Other people, including myself, have had no problems installing and using E-Instrument libraries, so it's likely that no one is going to pass judgement without more information.