Dystopian composers?


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Feeling at odds with the universe? Hehe... I tend to often get lost in the sounds coming from the Cryochamber folks ( https://www.cryochamberlabel.com/ ) - huge catalogue to feast on as well.
I wasn't sure how I'd define "Dystopian" music, but listening to this Cryochamber stuff while I worked from home, definitely made me feel like I was the last coronavirus survivor, alone in desolate, broken world.


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RedCola's quite dystopian:

Also search for Audiomachine - Prototype. They've basically been the bleeding edge of the trailer music industry for the past 5+ years. Prototype - Natural Selection's their latest:

Quite into the Westworld score lately.. For a more desolate and melancholy vibe:

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Check out the soundtracks that Mark Morgan and Inon Zur did for their respective Fallout games, great stuff and definitely fits that vibe.

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You might try some Ligeti.

Check out his Lontano (to which I’ve linked on the YouTube), and if you like it you might also enjoy Lux Aeterna and/or Atmospheres.

If you're of a more Malthusian bent or otherwise concerned about your status as a cosmic cog in the grinding gears of the Universe, you can try out Antheil's Ballet Mecanique. Mind you, it's not an actual ballet, and you need considerable patience to make it all the way through the thing, but it is a real toe-tapper.

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Sort of Stravinsky of Les Noces meets Nancarrow. Stravinsky originally wanted Les Noces to be performed on four player pianos. Nowadays this sort of thing can be done pretty well with sequencers.


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A cigar (trimmed using the claws of a lobster, natch), some Futurist posters, Buñuel on the 8mm projector, Ballet Mecanique on the Phonograph, and it all makes sense again. (Argghh!!!)


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Love this thread! Can't listen now, I'm listening to The Archies exclusively, under drs orders. But bookmarking for future dread needs!


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If you like some Dark Ambient (less melodic, but more soundscape/atmospheric) - I'm preparing a lot of tracks currently, but I'd be happy if you give a listen to what I've done so far:
And a track for a compilation album:


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Does anyone have amazing dystopian and futuristic sounds i can listen to?
Oh, have you listened to Shostakovich's 8th string quartet? It may not be futuristic, but having to write music that both secretly conveyed the terror of life under Stalin, yet that Stalin himself would believe suitably nationalistic and approve of ... it's some of the most dystopian music I can think of. Listening to the whole 20 minutes can be a spiritual experience, I highly recommend. But if you just want to hear some string players sound like theyrey losing their minds, jump to min 5 or 6.