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Dummy question about MIDI usb interface and ASIO

C.R. Rivera

C.R. Rivera

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The i7 3700 series CPUs are fine.
My only advice would have been the quality of cables.
Sounds silly but I use USB Powered Monitors when I perform, Display Port drivers were new and I bought 3 x different USB Cables before I got these working.
Length of the cable also makes a difference.
Cables 2 Go ALWAYS carries the most options and seems to know their product line.
I would go into your Device Manager and disable any USB Ports your not using.
I used MAudio USB to power the controller and MIDI for MIDI.
I could still power the MAudio unit but MIDI wouldn’t work.
So this allowed me to disable most ports as they would still power low bandwidth devices, saving the Enabled Port(s) for MIDI.
This is definitely a bandwidth issue involving too many devices or less than adequate devices. Going from USB 2 to USB 3 proves this.

Have fun Squid..

This is also a good place for USB Relays, adapters and cables.
I checked the specs for the motherboard, and wow 14 usb/ports, 8 external usb2 rear, 4 external usb2 front, 2 usb3 rear, plus 1 esata front and 3 internal usb hookups....wow, it's a good thing that I looked and good thing I upped the psu from 500 to 800. I will check the cables, thanks. And will figure out the usb power disable,.

By the way, as to squid, that is only half the story. I was born in an army hospital, saw half the world in my first decades as a dependent, joined the navy to see the other half in the next two decades. My wife does not understand why I do not want to go on a cruise anymore...




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