Dulciano by Fracture Sounds - Available Now


Composer - Sample Library Developer
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We’re delighted to announce our latest library, Dulciano. A Steinway grand piano, performed with dulcimer hammers, sampled in stunning detail in a modern concert hall setting.

This unique hybrid instrument produces a similar timbre to a dulcimer or cimbalom, but the longer strings and large soundboard of the piano gives the instrument a richer tone and longer sustain. The instrument also has a much wider playable range than a standard dulcimer or cimbalom.

As with all our libraries, the goal of this instrument was to make it as easy to play as possible. We captured multiple dynamics, controlled by velocity. The highest velocities trigger short 1-shot rolls - an articulation commonly used in dulcimer music. Continuous, sustained rolls are triggered by bringing up the mod wheel, or by using your keyboard's aftertouch (channel pressure).

Walkthrough Video:


We are offering Dulciano at an attractive intro price until June 3rd. More info on the product page: https://fracturesounds.com/product/dulciano/

Robo Rivard

Senior Member
I got it last night, and the sound is exquisite. Too bad my cheap keyboard doesn't support aftertouch, because you can trigger the rolls with it.


Composer - Sample Library Developer
Thanks everyone! The idea for this library has been brewing for a long time and I'm very happy with how it turned out. One of my favourite FS creations for sure.