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Hello everyone!

I am very glad to “announce” that I now offer custom drum recordings from Aarhus, Denmark.

Although, I do not have a degree in drumming, I have been playing drums for 20 years. 8 of which have been with a variety of different bands with different genres.

I mostly play in the style of funk, rock, progressive, “light” metal, hip hop, punk, soul, indie, alternative and country.
A little jazz, but not much.

As I want to expand my drummer portfolio, I want to offer “trial” recordings, from which we might be able to discuss a fair fee.

Also, I must state that I am not a mixing engineer. I will be able to provide clean recordings. And to some extend, processes drum tracks, like an eq’ed hi-hat etc.

What do you guys say? Is this a service you might be entring to use??

More about me can be found here: www.rrbe.dk
(Soon there will be examples of my drumming.)

Thank you for reading!

All the best
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