Dove Audio’s WTF Oscillator Review – Window Transform Function Oscillator

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Dove Audio’s WTF Oscillator Review – Window Transform Function Oscillator

WTF Oscillator by Dove Audio Review
Creative oscillators are a trend this year. Not to be outdone, Dove Audio is bringing two wavetable oscillators to the market, through Kickstarter campaigns: the WTF Oscillator and the Waveplane Oscillator. While the latter, a 6-dimensional wavetable oscillator is still in development, the WTF OSCILLATOR became available in early 2019.

Original Concept
WTF stands for Window Transform Function – although the other acronym resolution you may think of would fittingly express my first reaction to the module’s originality, in both concept and performance.

The WTF Oscillator is available in both Eurorack and MU format. Today we’re having a look at the Eurorack version, a 16hp module equipped with and a comprehensive 1-inch color LCD display.

One fact that is true with all of these new complex oscillators, is that you could, in theory, achieve the same results with several other modules in a complex patch – that would be more expensive, more space hungry, and impossibly hard to keep in tune. With this oscillator, the operation is simple and effortless – thanks in part to its clear layout.

What does Window Transform Function (WTF) mean?
Imagine two perfectly synced oscillators, generating two different waveforms of the same frequency. Now imagine that at some fixed point within every cycle, you’d switch from one waveform to another, resulting in a final waveform that is a sequential combination of the two. Actually, there’s not just one switching point, but two (switching forth and then back) or four (switching forth and back and forth and back again – all within every cycle).

Now imagine the switching points are not that fixed, but their timing can be CV modulated. And the form of both source waves can be modulated as well. That is what the WTF Oscillator is all about.

The term “Window” comes from the visual representation that synchronized switching lets you peek at the “rear” waveform through an open window in the “front” one, as the hereabove graph illustrates. That graphical representation is so much clearer than words, that you’ll find it animated in real time on the module’s LCD screen – an enormous help.

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Dove Audio’s WTF Oscillator Review – Window Transform Function Oscillator