Does your own music make you cry?


Hi :)

It is something said that a factor of good music is that it makes travelling the composer himself in various way.
So, for example, does your own music make you cry easier than other music? :)

Would you say that it is rare or rather common that your music make you cry?


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Music is a way to express oneself so yes when I express myself musically emotional tears can follow very easily :)


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Me too, I cry when it's bad, though when I was making it, it sounded good. A bit OT: I think the same saying can be utilized for composing too as in the Go game: "Lose your first 50 games as quickly as possible". The idea is that by losing you learn, and the same thing with composing, compose without the fear of failing.

I haven't cried when I've made something emotionally touching, but I've got goosebumps, but rarely :D


It's a bit surprising, I thought I wasn't the only one and that would have been a very common thing anyway.


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It happened on several occasions two or three years ago when I somehow managed to express exactly what I wanted. It was so pleasant that I could burst into tears of luck :) Tears of anguish is a much more frequent thing, so yeah. It happens!


I think maybe the % of people willing to admit they cry and the % of people not willing to admit it, might be a little off balance!

Definitely have cried at my music, just too macho to really consider it ;) *flex*


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Crying, no, not really.
But it happened to me to hear music i wrote years ago, and to be emotionally moved.
It must be old enough to not be still connected with its creation; and it must be good enough, and this is the difficult part :->.