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Does anyone have a copy of the SoniVox Complete Symphonic Kontakt 3.5 & 4 Update?


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So here's an unusual request about a rather old product. In about 2008, I bought the SoniVox Complete Symphonic Collection (and Harp) for Kontakt 2. In 2011 or so, they released updated nki files for Kontakt 3.5 & 4. Unfortunately, I never knew about it and never downloaded the update when I had the chance.

Now apparently it's too late to get it from SoniVox; I contacted them, but they told me it's discontinued and they no longer have the files.

Does anyone by chance have a copy of the zip files? I believe they would have been called something like "update_sisc.zip" and update_sish.zip". And could I get a copy? :) I hope I'm not violating any forum policy by my request... but I hope you understand my situation!

I know it's an older library, with no legato sampling, and limited velocity crossfading, but the samples are still really beautiful IMO. I recently bought the SoundsetProject's thing for it, but it doesn't work as well without this update.

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