Does a mixer need to be credited?

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    One film I worked on the first thing they asked me for – before I did any work – was how I wanted to be credited, because they closed credits in a couple of hours.

    On the other hand I have arranged and orchestrated for quite a few albums where it turned out that I was the only one not credited on the cover. Whether it is added in an online database afterwards or not is somewhat useless since my name is not attached to the product.
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    One of the issues I have found working with visual artists is the attribution of credit. Typically the gallery world sees the artist as doing everything even when their contribution was to come up with an idea for other people to execute (with feedback / changes etc - like a design process). For example I have made videos with artists where I have complete control and authorship of the sound yet get no credit at all in the exhibition - even when the artist says to give me credit! Galleries can be very conservative and still labour under the idea of the genius sole artist. Also I think the market is similarly conservative and wanting sole authorship to make assessing market value and future worth easier. Artists are generally not the problem here, it is more a systemic organisational industry "habit". The artist I am working with at the moment is great, as is the gallery we are showing at in June, so this is not a universal problem fixed for all time.
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    I am pretty sure you can still add him to IMDB as uncredited. Just let your collaborators know that’s what you are doing it so they do challenge.

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