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Doepfer LMK4 overrated?



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It's more of a synth action for sure, I think Westlake Pro should have one.
Found a good deal on a used NI S88. Theres still one for $650 in the LA craigslist which is super cheap. I appreciate a more synthy action probably because it's what I learned keys on. Something about the LMK4 fatar threw me off compared to the Studio Logic SL990 one which I really liked.


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I have one of those. I had no idea you could disassemble to use :dancedance:
It is very easy and you can halve the height of the keyboard only using the keybed and the logical boards can go in the back, I think I have photos of the disassembly somewhere, PM if interested.

I think this approach is better than using Fatar keyboards, I would only trade if they sell me their best keybed with around 7-8 cm height!


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I recommend really looking at the Yamaha CP series. CP300, CP1, CP5 (I think). Graded weighted action, some are actual wood keys. They are not small or light, but the action as a controller keyboard is great.
I'm a huge fan of the Yamahas too. Very well built and reliable. Currently have the less expensive CP33 (got it for a steal at reverb.com) which has the same GH action as the CP300, though not the NW that the CP1 or the CP4 have.

I would avoid their entry level GHS boards (the keys feel squishy, springy and shallow to me) but GH and above is fine for piano style controller IMHO. Here's a breakdown of Yamaha's various keybed action types:


If I had more $$$ I'd likely move up to the 3-sensor range, but am 100% satisfied with what I have.


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Wrote my first cue with the NI S88 and I absolutely love it. It's synthy enough to play fast perc and ostinato strings with a lot of control and accuracy but still feels nice for piano too. Highly recommend it


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Wrote my first cue with the NI S88 and I absolutely love it. It's synthy enough to play fast perc and ostinato strings with a lot of control and accuracy but still feels nice for piano too. Highly recommend it
Was tempted to get one for my main controller, but I have a KK49 Mk1 for my second controller


My controller search ended with the Roland A88 (after Numa Nero, VPC1, NI S88, SL88Grand, SL88Studio). I have no idea why it’s not more common with media composers.
I love my A88, action is really great. I just wish it had some faders and was a little more "square" to line-up with desk more flush.


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A little late to this party... but I have used the KK88 for the past couple years and recently had to leave it at the studio I was working at, when moving to my new studio. After some research I learned that Studiologic is the front end company of Fatar and also learned that their SL88 Studio has the same Fatar keybed as the KK88... for half the price. Since I've basically been using that same keybed I decided to give it a try. The SL88 arrived and is built like a tank compared to the KK88, and to my surprise, the keybed itself felt better... its MIDI response seemed more smooth as well. I found that I never used NKS integration with the KK88 so I'm missing nothing having this SL88. Even though I could live without the awkward XY stick controllers, I'm very happy with this keyboard, and because of its price, was able to put money elsewhere.


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How would you even go about testing something like a Doepfer? As far as I know, they don't sell their controllers at a Sam Ash or Guitar Center so how can one decide is it's the right controller?


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You want to try a £1000 keyboard out before you buy it?!


It is crazy that a lot of places just don't have these in to try.


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I love my Studiologic SL88 Studio. I like the Fatar TP100 and the metal case. The sticks are a bit different from a fader or a modwheel but I don't even remember the modwheel anymore and always having XY control is great. It has 4 zones and 250 preset slots, all of which are set up in the software that you download from the site. I have mutliple setups for the joysticks that I can flick through with the selection knob. It may be that I never knew anything better, but for €390 that I got it from Thomann, I'm super happy.

Let's hope it stays that way.


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In the Spitfire chat over the weekend Paul mentioned the USB on his Doepfer controller died but the midi was still working.


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Zimmer once complained that sampling piano at multiple velocity levels is taking too much time. I would not pay attention to anything with piano keys in his studio.


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Any thoughts about the Kawia MP7?
Hi Matt,

I had a Kawai MP8 until four months ago. Wonderful instrument indeed, the only drawback for me was the weight (ca. 35kg). I loved that digital piano but in the end sold it and bought a Yamaha CP4, which I also love and enjoy very much. I never used the Kawai MP8 as a master keyboard so I can not express how well it works, I mainly used the MP8 as a practice and performing piano.


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