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Doepfer LMK4+ not recognised in Audio Midi Setup


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Hello folks.

I just received a Doepfer LMK4+ after a very sweet eBay bid and thrilled to start working with it. However, for the past two hours I've been trying to wrap my head around what would seem like a simple set-up.

With other midi keyboards I've had no problem setting up in Logic Pro X, but here I simply cannot get the program to recognise it –I've got two different laptops with two different version, and neither of them picks it up.
What's more, the Audio Midi Setup as part of the Mac system settings also does not recognise it.

Is this normal / is there an essential underground Doepfer driver that I'm missing, or something else that's blindingly obvious?

Would love your thoughts on this as I've been trying to find an answer on Google to no avail.
Have also dropped the Doepfer team a line to see if they might be able to advise.

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