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Do you use Kontakt's Factory library at all?

Eric Hunter

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Bringing this thread back from the dead to ask how does the Kontakt Factory Library compare to Logic's instrument library? I've often used a Logic instrument here and there for random things I didn't have, and thought it was fine.

Eric Hunter

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Does Logic cover a list of instruments kinda like General MIDI? For Kontakt, it's more like a box of random stuff that may or may not be what you need.
Yeah, now that I'm going through it, I see that this is the case. Not sure how much use I'll get out of it, but then, that's not what I bought it for.

Alex Fraser

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Does Logic cover a list of instruments kinda like General MIDI? For Kontakt, it's more like a box of random stuff that may or may not be what you need.
Same for Logic. It's not really a GM collection, but the EXS24 "factory library" covers a lot of ground, albeit in a mostly basic way. Some it is ancient, some of it is very recent (eg. the new detailed percussion patches)

From memory, the Kontakt factory library is more expansive. Both are nice to have when you don't have an exotic OT/SF/VSL etc alternative to hand.


I'm not using them at all and used them very rarely in the past, but I have to say that this is because of the music I write being very specific and which for dedicated libraries are the better choice in my case.

Sarah Mancuso

I only check the factory library very rarely, when I can't find what I'm looking for elsewhere. I keep it on an HDD with my other rarely-used libraries, rather than letting it take up space on my SSD.


Game music!
I personally never use it or just forget that it's there. I keep installed though, in case I need some weird instrument that I don't have anywhere else.


I know nothing
I like the orchestral percussion at times. I use the cymbals on pop songs - that rolling shimmery sound at the end of a song. And the timpani can be very useful. I use it more because it is very easy to find the sound than because I don't have a better sound. Instruments with tons of sounds are great but not when you know what sound you want and have to go through them all to find it. (and now we get to the discussion of sound organization)

They have other sounds that are good, but mostly I end up using the percussion and maybe a glockenspiel or organ. I mean, I guess you could remove all the extras you never use?


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I say liked how accordions and pan flute,drum sounds sounds logics library but they goed non working state. and even i buyed Logic all patches dont work. i liked many patches i feel many are simplier than what comes with Kontakt but some i like more. accordions sounds thinner which is nicer some uses. and i fond more insiriping prefsets form Logic ES2 than NI Massive for example. but even Massive after i found categories which these Massive presets are.(which makes understand which pitch range is main range for them even i know some sounds can be used synthlead or synthbass for example).


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
Hell yeah. Glock, snare, xylo...actually I use quite a bit of the percussive stuff there. Not too much else...but I'd hate to not have those patches.


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I used it quite a bit starting in 2005 when I first got Kontakt 2, and still take something from it now and then. I did a lot of experimenting, and I think that's the real advantage, it's a great learning tool because you can do anything you want with it. You can actually grab the samples and "process/screw them up" any way you want. It was also where I learned about round robins, sample layers, velocity intensity, ect., ect.


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For those of you using the percussion, you don't find it's obsoleted by something like SF Joey Burgess?
Okay, I have lots of percussion but none by SF. And really, it is just specific sounds I use that I know exactly where to find. I sometimes use a timpani instead of a kick drum when I want a big sound.

But I think if I was doing something orchestral, I'd probably go with Rhapsody, EW, or VSL. Or one of my many 8dio libraries. Did I mention I have too many libraries?

But you know, hard drives are fairly cheap. These libraries don't go on my SSD drives. And the really great thing about Kontakt libraries? They can be anywhere and you can just locate then once, and Kontakt always finds them. Non-libraries should be kept together.

NYC Composer

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If I dont have something or can’t remember where it is, I sometimes go to the handy dandy factory library. Once in a while I get a surprise, an ethnic instrument, a percussive this or that.

The ah-oh vocals are fine for basic stuff.


Although my collection of dedicated Kontakt libraries have grown quite a bit in the last few years, I would never wanted to be without Kontakt Factory Library as well. Every once a while I need something from it. I agree that this collection is often nowhere near to the boutique Kontakt libraries, both from Native Instruments and the 3rd party developers when it comes to the sound quality and features, but these sounds are still very useful, flexible and definitely more deep than the ones found on a typical hardware or software workstation that it always useful to have at hand. Sometimes I wish there is a bit more diversity in KFL and that some of the sections were refreshed, but I'm guessing this is somewhat deliberate policy of Native Instruments, considering their significant Komplete ecosystem.
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