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Do you ever plan to retire?


Yes, I plan to retire someday. Hopefully, I never have to stop creating and playing music.
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I am celebrating my 60th this year and getting my band from my 20s back together again. Its a lot more fun than playing with logic in a dark room on my own which I have done for decades. I will continue to write and buy string libraries only because of fear of missing out but am increasingly liking the idea of staffpad and finally learning to write a score on paper. Bit late, I know.


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I mean my career is only just starting so can't really say at 23 whether or not I will retire or not, depends how successful I become xD but I don't see myself ever retiring from music entirely. I think if I lucked out and made a killing doing music, I would probably just work on fewer projects, and only work on projects that I was truly passionate about, with no concern for money. Either that, or go the teaching route. I love helping others and always thought that teaching and mentoring others would be a very fulfilling job.

But at 23 I am currently in the position of taking on just about every opportunity I can, and loving it :)
First, I love my three jobs (college professor, musician in two cool bands, copy editor for a publisher in Sarasota), so no, no plans to stop doing what I love to do.
Further, when I have time off, I just don't know what to do with myself.
Therefore, I will have to be dragged off kicking and screaming. I have no plans to go gentle into that good night. . . you can't get rid of ol' Double Helix so easily.

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F.I.R.E. lets me compose full-time
I retired in my late 30s from being the bread winner. Now I'm the bread eater and composer of the family. My wife loves my music so much, she said one day: "why don't we build you a studio in the backyard...with thick walls and lots of insulation so nobody can hear your mu...so nobody disturbs you while you write your music."

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