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DM 307 won’t batch resave ?


I’ve been attempting to trouble shoot my system recently about a whole bunch of stuff and I’ve been batch resaving all my kontakt libs as part of that. They all did it fine apart from the dm 307. It takes ages then crashes logic. It will do it in kontakt standalone but won’t do it in logic ? It’s odd it the only one that won’t do it ? Could it mean anything ? Anyone else had it ?




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I’ve had the DM307 for a couple of years and always had problems with it. Even after successfully batch resaving a few times (like with you, it only works in standalone) the graphics for the interface don’t load most of the time. I’ve contacted support with no answer but “try redownloading/installing and batch resaving” which I’ve done with no change.

Please let me know if you find a solution. This issue has kept me from using it, even though I really like the sounds. Now that so much time has passed I can try downloading and installing again, but it seems pointless unless a new update comes out.


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This may be way off, since I'm trying to pull from my memory, but I had a similar issue a long time ago and remember something about running a "Multi Graphics Installer" that solved my issue. Good luck...surprised Heavyocity support left you hanging @X-Bassist ...they've always been super responsive and helpful for me.

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Actually, there is a Kontakt issue. I just bought a couple of 2tb SSD’s during the Amazon sale, and spent a happy evening movIng my libraries around and re-batch-saving them. There were a fair few that failed, including a couple from NI.

I goggled it and there were some posts from last week on the NI forums saying that NI were aware of the issue and could replicate it.

I suspect there will be a fix in the future.

You could of course batch resale in kontakt 5 if you have it....

Michael Antrum

Only the good die young....
No, I'm saying there seems to be an issue with Kontakt performing a batch reserve on SOME libraries. Some of the libraries affected are even made by NI.

However, to the best of my knowledge, this was not a problem in the previous version - Kontakt 5.

So if (like me) you still have Kontakt 5 installed - you could batch re-save from that version instead.


I’m still on kontakt 5 here. I’ve been having some big problems recently with sudden crashes and was just trying to make sure all the libs were ok. I get the ‘logic suddenly quit because of kontakt’ error quite a bit but it’s probably not to do with this.
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