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Divisi "script"/ software for VSL products?

hello VI controllers,

Does anyone know of a 'divisi'script, software-ish, product made for VSL libraries?

I haven't come across one as yet. There are some around for Kontakt, f.e. like within LASS itself, or the Intuition script, and some others.

If anyone knows of it I am interested ( obviously)

Thank you in advance

leon chevalier

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Hi Silence is Golden,

As far as I know there is no "auto divisi" feature in vianna instrument, but you do not really need it!

I use the orchestral strings for section line and the chamber strings for divisi line. In the matrix of Vienna Instrument I set up two rows with the exact same patch; one with orchestral strings and the second one with chamber strings.

Be careful with the patch volumes! I set up : the volume of 1 note with section patch = the volume of 2 notes played simultaneously with the corresponding divisi patch.

At last, you just have to choose how you switch between the two rows of the matrix. Key switching or cc controler...

Hope that help!



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If you have Vienna Instruments Pro you can do automatic divisi voicing. On the voices tab in advanced view you can specify how multiple simultaneous midi notes are routed to the currently loaded slots. This can also be set per matrix or globally.

leon chevalier

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Hi just2high!

We need to ne very precise for the beginners who will read this.

The voicing feature allows to limit the number of notes played simultaneously for a patch.

Auto divisi mean that the sampler automatically change patch when you play 2 notes or 1 note. Sorry if I'm wrong but there is no such feature in vi pro.

But thanks to mention the voicing feature. It can be helpful also.



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Thank you for suggesting this way of working. Indeed using chamber strings as divisi is the way to go.

What I enjoy about Lass is that it does all this dividing for you, and can concentrate on music.
Apperently I am one of the lazy guys :whistling:
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