Discovery Starts Tomorrow


My account said that the order was processed today, but still no download link. I suspect they are rolling out the invites in a spare fashion in order to prevent server overloads. Perfectly reasonable.

Leslie Fuller

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Checked my emails again just now, and the Spitfire download email was there. Seems it arrived minutes after my post on this thread. I’ll download it in the morning.


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It's very limited and really not worth the $49...however, if it's the ONLY library that someone has, it might be worth it...but if you already have great libraries, for $49, I doesn't offer anything at all really...and spiccatos are of different lengths too...not really an impressive prelude to the pro version...and yes, it's free, but I think SF did this as a way of creating a "demo" so that we get a taste of the library and buy the pro version or core...this is good marketing, but it's not the BBCSO's best foot forward. I would have rather seen ONE instrument, but what 8dio does with try packs, and get an actual sense of the instrument and potential, than a very scaled down version where you are still left to wonder if the full version is going to be any better.


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I am totally puzzled and dont found any manual, so I just ask in here if anybody found out or if it just a stupid question.

But the picture of the orchestral parts just cries for activating more then one section and it is possible to load more then one section but I did not find any way to activate more then one section at a time.

The walkthrough suggests that its not possible cause evry section was on another track. But if I could load more then one section why should I if I cannot activate them in one instance in a time. And for what should I need the picture with the sections ?


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Nothing that inspires, per se, in this FREE package, but more than enough solid patches to put together a good mockup, especially if one takes advantage of the FREE labs instruments. Two thumbs up.

And how wonderful and effortless the download was via their app... Discover was waiting for me... just hit a button and it was done. Now I just need a few juicy, prime discounts to really sink my teeth into.


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Still waiting on my link, but based on the video demo comparing between Core it's quite amazing what they've managed to pull off in 200mb.

This is only slightly larger than old specialized orchestra "roms" you could buy for a Roland flagship machine. Slightly larger than the max amount of memory you had to work with on an EMU sampler, etc. While they were the champions of their day, frankly they sounded terrible in comparison for anything orchestral!

Is it super realistic? Surely not. But quite a feat at 200 MB.


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I've had a chance to play with it. While it's probably not something I'd use on a regular basis, I can see how young composers on a low or no-budget could get a lot of mileage out of this. Does it sound fantastic? No. Does it sound pretty damn good? Yes. But I have to say that I don't think enough of it to bother doing a full video review.

For free, it's great. But rather than spend $49 on it, I'd go an extra hundred and get Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra, which is infinitely better.


I got it today and played with it for a bit. It's mostly OK, pretty much what I expected, altough I was pleasantly surprised with the tone of some instruments like the violas and some of the percussion. Woodwinds are passable at times, but the brass is kinda meh, which is ok for what it is.

In the grand scheme of things there's really nothing here for anyone who's already served with other orchestral libraries, there's just not enough depth to stand on it's own. However, I can see it maybe being useful for some kind of layering, and for anyone just starting out, this thing can be of absolutely tremendous value if one doesn't have funds or a powerful computer.

In short, like pretty much everyone has said before, it's really wonderful for a free product, but don't expect much more than that.


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Seems that Spitfire has done more harm than good with this Discover release. If developers can take away one thing from any of this, is that ALWAYS put your best foot forward OR make it absolutely clear that the sound of the free library is no where near the sound of the full version. Not talking about feature set or articulations...but sound.


Is no one going to mention how ridiculously convenient this interface is? The entire orchestra right in front of you, click the section and it instantly loads the all the articulations for that instrument!

I don't know how I'm going to go back to the dark age nightmare of Kontakt after this.


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It'd be cool to a/b it with some of my other stuff to get a sense of what BBCSO would sound like
I only a/b's the flutes against Studio Series Pro...not exactly fair, but BBC did sound much warmer...but you can also hear the recording techniques are basically Spitfire. Both will work, but BBC did sound better within the piece than Studio Winds did. So at least, their flute sounds nice to me...well, one articulation anyway.. LOL


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Is no one going to mention how ridiculously convenient this interface is? The entire orchestra right in front of you, click the section and it instantly loads the all the articulations for that instrument!
My favorite feature...brilliant. But the multitimbral use of Kontakt is killer...this interface lacks routing...even the full version from what I hear can't be layered.