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DIMENSION STRINGS I crossgrade to Synchron


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I don't disagree. My opinion at the moment is that MirPro was made specifically to provide a solution to the VSL silent stage sample libraries that many people invested heavily into and still needed a good way to have room ambience. Their solution prior to Synchron has been to provide a comprehensive room placement and reverb solution....MirPro...and it is exactly that. But you get no argument from me, it is not easy to make it sound great, and basically you're left second guessing yourself a lot about whether you have configured MirPro optimally.

With a baked in solution, you don't ask questions you just write music...no argument from me on that.

However, I do have to also say, I think a lot of alternative baked-in libraries end up sounding same samey to my ears. you can always buy more and more libraries to get different baked in sounds of course. The reason I invested in VSL Cube is because I wanted the most consistent set of instruments and articulations, where the wow factor is specifically not part of it...force me to write and orchestrate properly... But then I do have to mess around with MirPro a lot...and your point about it is valid. Different strokes for different folks, but MirPro, in my view, is really ideal to use with dry libraries such as VSL...or perhaps other dry libraries if their wet sound is not quite to your liking. I wouldn't hesitate to run Kirk Hunter through MirPro, for example. But EW Hollywood, I probably wouldn't.

Your feeling about it is exactly why VSL is now evolving and developing the synchron series...
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I find that it’s easy to get a great sound using MIR, and the versatility is fantastic. It’s good for glueing a mix together, especially for combining dry libraries from different companies, and also real recordings.
There are a lot of advanced features which it is possible to get lost in, but I find these can be very useful in practice. For example, the ability to edit polar patterns can be great for improving mono-compatibility.


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Someone on the VSL forum has stated that the synchronized version is around 30GB less in sample size. Paul confirmed that there is optimization of the new file format. So at the moment, the only reason I see for paying 65€ is to save ssd space...


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Sorry, but ... No one has provided any feedback yet regarding if there is any Auto-Divisi functionality in the Synchron Player when using the Synchronized Dim-Strings. Any feedback on this would be appreciated, and if there isn't any Auto-Divisi functionality, then how do you go about using this library ?


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Someone on the VSL forum has stated that the synchronized version is around 30GB less in sample size. Paul confirmed that there is optimization of the new file format. So at the moment, the only reason I see for paying 65€ is to save ssd space...
Are all the articulations included? In past Synchronizations, I was under the impression that not all the articulations had been done ?
I haven't been a big fan of the Synchron-ized libs I've upgraded (e.g. chamber strings), but IMO the upgrades are pretty cheap, and I can blend them with Synchron Strings.

However, I found the Synchron-ized Dimension Strings bundle upgrade (all of DS I/II/III, currently ~150 euros) is completely worth it. It is a great product that adds a lot of value to DS.

Why pay again (about 10%) for the same samples? Because you are paying for all the work that goes into remastering and reformatting for synchron player (SP). In this case that's quite a bit.

In particular for DS, SP adds a lot of value - all of the players can be in a single instance with separate outs, with a single tree for preset editing. That's a huge deal because edits you make higher in a tree propagate to all children, and the players are the leaves. And the multi-dimensional aspect of SP makes it feasible to actually use the sul- variations etc with ease.

Unlike some (all?) prior synchron-ized libs, all of the articulations are there. The raw DS sound is there. VelXF toggle works correctly. There's a second violins section. SP has humanize etc.

The out-of-box sound is really great, the consistency is extremely high, the preset editing is a joy, the flexibility is great.

Negatives are:
  • more disk space used, since duped samples for synchron format
  • no time stretch (e.g. to get fast reps to sync)
  • no arbitrary seating
  • only one IR per player, and I find the higher-numbered players to be fairly distant. Adjusting the wet/dry and levels helps. I wish they would provide an alternative set of tighter seating IRs for use as a chamber.
Even if you don't buy into a single other aspect of Synchron, it's a great way to use DS. I would say even if you don't use the included IRs - I haven't tried yet, but I see no reason you couldn't take the separate outs completely dry and feed them to MIR to place them somewhere else (taking care of the latter two negatives). [edit: tested - works great]

Highly recommended.
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