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Did you ever expect to adopt a cat when buying a VST? *lol*

leon chevalier

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I hope it's true too...
But I could have written this kind of review just for fun, so I guessing someone did ! It even could be someone from 8dio :grin:


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Some people's ignorance is simply hard to believe. Below is a one-star Amazon review of The Grand, a piano plugin by Steinberg featuring a Yamaha C7, Bosendorfer 290 Imperial, and Steinway D:

"This is not an actual piano it is a software ,I have to returned it just recieved today, I thought it is actual piano it was misunderstood.sorry"

And if you think that's scary, 54 people voted the review as helpful.


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I work for an online music store.
Accessories / parts, which may cost just a few euros, are sometimes displayed with the instrument.

You would not believe how many people contact us every week to ask if the whole drum set or piano is included.


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Cats now. What sampling idea hasn't been done yet ?
Sure, I guess one cat sample here and there can come handy once in a while...

PS: the demos are really painful
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