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Deals Rules - Please read before posting!

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Two Deals sections:

We have two “Deals” sections:

This one is for paying advertisers. (It costs as little as $19/month to qualify. See this page for rates and details.) Please post in this section *only* if you are currently advertising.

The Deals, Deals, Deals - Tier 2 section is for everyone else. If you don’t wish to advertise, we do still want you to post your announcements, so we provide that Deals, Deals, Deals - Tier 2 section.

The primary difference between the two sections is that the main Deals, Deals, Deals section is seen by everyone, both members and guests. This Deals, Deals, Deals - Tier 2 section is only seen by members. (Guests comprise about 60% of the forum visits.)

For more details, as well as a discussion on this, visit this thread.


Incentivized Thread Bumps

Sometimes companies will post contests or other offers where people are encouraged to "Post a comment to enter." It's a clever marketing trick, since it keeps the thread at the top of the Latest Posts feed, but this could quickly get out of hand. The forum is already very busy with normal threads (some, like me, might argue it's too busy), so we don't want to add to that.

Ultimately, the forum is intended for the benefit of the membership, not developers (even developers paying to advertise), so we don't allow threads where bumping is incentivized.
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