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David Newman - Instrumentation Series by Orchestral Tools


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
Really enjoying this series on orchestration, David can be extremely easy to learn from so I recommend it highly. Plus, just think of how many accolades his family has received over the century for their music. His dad Alfred won something like ten Academy Awards, folks.


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I have to say, I'm really enjoying these.

I'd love something from David dedicated to combinations as well. I'd love to hear him more off-script too about his favourite uses for orchestration.


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He says a lot of stuff that is pretty limit not true or not well documented. And his mispronounciations are kind of odd also...


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I think this whole series is very well done. The players are clearly good, imo, and the way the narrative essential matches their performance makes it very interesting.
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