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David Newman - Instrumentation Series by Orchestral Tools

Hey everyone,

we are so happy to have been able to win over our friend David Newman for our inspiring new instrumentation series on YouTube.
David explains the orchestral instruments and their usage within cinematic film scores padded with anecdotes from his and his father's (Alfred Newman) decade-long career in the film industry.

There will be a new episode each Thursday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get informed as soon as new episodes are available.



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Hi @OrchestralTools ,

That's wonderful, and very helpful for us to have Dave Newman give us tips, and more about orchestration. Surely looking forward to watch these Video Episodes.

Thanks Orchestral Tools.

I'm also looking forward to your new Sample Player release, and the availability of your current libraries in the new Sample Player format, and a new generation of your upcoming exciting, and first class libraries.

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