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Damper behavior in piano VI:s


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This is my first post in this forum and I hope I do it properly and in the right place😊

I'm looking for a good sample based piano library mainly for playing/practicing and I've recently tried a few pianos (modern U from VI labs and the Synchron pianos from VSL). They are all pretty great but one thing that puzzles me is that there seems to be a lack of virtualized damper behavior connected to key off velocity. What I mean is if you release a key slowly the dampening of the key should be slower to make it possible to "round of" a note without the pedal. The key-of velocity does only seems to be connected to the volume of the action noise. There is such functionality in Pianoteq where you can adress "damper duration" to key off velocity. Pianoteq also has "damper position" which is supported by the Yamaha Disklavier XP format, where you can simulate the behavior of half released key, in a similar matter as half pedal. In the Synchron pianos there seems to be different damping samples adressed to different length of the notes though (most noticeable in the Bösendorfer imperial) but not connected to the note-off velocity.

Am I missing something and there is such functionality, or are there any other good virtual pianos that have support for such behavior?

Edit: I posted this in the wrong place and want to delete it but don’t know how....
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